OMA welcomes all men, women, and young persons age 12 and over to join (with parental consent). In addition, you do not have to be Orthodox or have a motorcycle to join OMA, simply a desire to help others and try out a bike, trike, or ride “pillion” (on back). If you enjoy being out under God’s open sky and helping those in need, OMA is right for you!

There are no monthly dues to join. Simply fill out the OMA application and select 4″ front patch and 1×4″ Original 2019 tabs (see below), press submit, and make a donation for the total amount.

Once we receive your application and donation, we will process and ship your patch and tabs. You will also receive access to online membership material and personal support for what to do next. Get five (5) or more friends and family to join, and we’ll help you start a local OMA chapter. Then all of you will be able to wear OMA back patches as well!


OMA 4″ Front Patch = $40 donation

Orthodox Motorcycle Association Logo

1×4″ [ORIGINAL] tab = $10 donation

1×4″ [2019] tab = $10 donation

Click below to become a member of OMA today!